What are Fingertip Injuries?

Injuries to the fingertips often occur during accidents that occur at home, work, or during play, and may include a crushing injury, a tearing force, a sharp cut, or a combination of these injuries. A fingertip injury may damage any part of the fingertip including the skin and soft tissue, the nail and underlying nailbed, and the fingertip bone.

The fingertips are full of nerves and are very sensitive. Without prompt treatment, a fingertip injury may cause issues with hand function and may even result in a permanent disability. To ensure the best possible outcomes, be sure to seek out medical care as soon as you can after an injury.

Treatment Options

Overall, treatment for a fingertip injury will depend on the severity and location of the injury. The goal of the treatment is to achieve a pain-free fingertip that functions normally. In order to determine the best treatment option for your fingertip injury, your doctor will consider your overall health, lifestyle, and your personal preference.

Injury without Exposed Bone Treatment

In cases of a minor tissue injury, a fingertip wound may heal on its own. A protective dressing may be placed on the wound, and your doctor will give your instructions regarding changing the bandage regularly.

In cases of larger tissue injuries where the fingertip wound is large, the wound may be left open to heal on its own, or skin grafting may be required.

Exposed Bone Injury Treatment

In cases where an injury exposes the bone, there may not be enough tissue left around the wound to stitch it closed. In some cases, the bone may need to be shortened slightly to stitch the wound closed. Reconstructive flap surgery may be necessary in cases where the wound needs to be covered with new skin. In other situations where the injury has cut off a large part of the fingertip, your surgeon may perform replantation, or reattaching the amputated part.

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